Innovative solutions for stone suckers

Writer: Date: 2021-08-21

Based on a large number of market research in the early stage of our company, stone suction cup spreader, combined with the characteristics of the industry, now we introduce the combination of industrial robot + fiber laser for THREE-DIMENSIONAL cutting, completely and effectively solve the above problems.

Many core technologies are embodied in some proprietary components, such as vacuum valves, vacuum hoses, connecting pins, control switches, etc. Conduct strength and aging tests on these key components regularly, and establish files for each key outsourced component;

The other non-proprietary parts we select are from the most well-known European brands, and the selected suppliers provide the best performance and quality assurance for vacuum spreaders.

Product features:

The operation mode of vacuum spanner is fast and simple. It only takes a few seconds to replace manual suction and release with remote control, which greatly improves production efficiency. Vacuum handling improves production speed and requires less manpower to provide a better and safer factory operating environment. He has rich knowledge on the manufacture and discharge of straight air suction cups in case of power failure.

Straight air spreader can be combined with various lifting equipment (such as crane, control excavator, roo, loader, etc.), or can be used independently, the single maximum load can reach 70 tons, or according to your actual use, to provide you with innovative solutions.

Type of spreader:

90 degree reversing vacuum spreader, 180 degree reversing vacuum spreader, automatic expansion vacuum spreader, splicing vacuum spreader, other spreader.

Customization instructions:

Because we do not have generality, but according to the requirements of customers, the actual engineering situation and the specifications of the hanging objects and other factors for customer customization, each product is a new design, to ensure that our products will not be eliminated by the development of the industry. Therefore, there is no fixed model for our products.

Limitation of use conditions:

1. The adsorbed object can not have a breathable hole (air leakage);

2. Grooves on the surface of the object should not have right angles;

3. The surface of the adsorbed can not have ice, strong acid, oil, gasoline and other substances that may damage the rubber strip

4. The object itself should be breathable material (such as soft and breathable wooden box, explosive board, sponge board).

5. Our equipment cannot complete the lifting operation independently, so it needs to cooperate with other lifting equipment

Safety instructions:

1. Double safety factor: designed rated lifting capacity =2* actual maximum lifting capacity.

2. Power off maintenance: in the case of power off, ensure that the object will not fall for at least 2 hours; Meanwhile spare batteries continue to power the alarm display unit.

3. Safe release function: Press two release buttons of different positions at the same time when releasing.

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